Hello, I'm Sean B. Palmer. Back in 2000, I was writing a bunch of stuff about the World Wide Web and how it worked, but I didn't really have anywhere good to publish it. Mostly I was just uploading it through FTP to a subdomain on a site that I'd registered to talk about WAP. (Remember that?) So I decided that I needed a good general domain, and came up with this one.

The name comes from a book called Weaving the Web by the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. I was working with him at the time, and was really curious as to the history of this amazing invention. He wrote that when he was thinking of names, he rejected some early ideas like "Mesh", "Information Mesh", and the "Mine of Information" (p.23). I thought that "infomesh" as an abbreviation for the middle one would have been pretty good, and found that it was not yet registered in COM, ORG, or NET.

I decided to go for NET because it seemed the only truly generic top level domain in existence at the time, and also because friends like Gerald Oskoboiny and Hugo Haas had excellent sites registered with that TLD.

This site was eventually surpassed by many other sites and projects as my main outlets for publishing, so most of what is contained here is very old. This means that it's dated, was written when I was young, and is often very embarrassing to me! But I like to keep things on the web if I can, permanently archived, because you never know when somebody will find them useful or interesting anyway.

Over the years I've had many amazing and wonderful messages from people all around the world who appreciated something or other that I wrote and posted here online. I really appreciate these messages, and they remind me just how great an invention this World Wide Web actually is.