WyPy: A Minimal Python Wiki

Update: on 3rd February 2004, a new 11 line version of wypy was released.


WyPy is a wiki implemented in just 11 lines of Python code (source: wy.py.txt), including shebang. It was written as a contender for the ShortestWikiContest, and implements all of the basic Wiki principles. It is released under GPL 2. There is a working example for you to try.

Installation and Use

Download the source code, and save it as wypy.py in a CGI executable directory of your Web server. Make sure that there is a writable folder named "w" under the root of the CGI service—the raw WikiFiles will be dumped there. Runs as a normal Python CGI.

Text Formatting


Previous versions:

WyPy is pronounced "whippy". It is capitalized irregularly, as "WyPy"; it appears as "wypy" elsewhere in text, unless used in a wiki. For more information about wikis, try c2.com:WikiWiki. Many thanks to Aaron Swartz and anonymous contributors on the original wypy wiki for helping to trim those lines down from 23 to 18!


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Sean B. Palmer