XML Namespace Catalogue Language(?)

This is just another hack attempt at producing an XML Namespace Catalogue Language that the people on XML-DEV will find solice in.


XNCL is a language intended to be used as a de facto dereferencable resource for namespaces.


This specification is an XHTML Family derived from XHTML Basic. It has been modified in the following ways:-

The prologue of the file is as follows:-

 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//Infomesh//DTD XNCL-XHTML Basic 1.0 //EN" 

 <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
       xmlns:xncl="http://infomesh.net/xncl/ns/" xml:lang="en" >


The link element is to be used in the following way:-

Must be set to meta
Must be set to nsc (namespace catalogue)
Must be set to the MIME type of the linked schema
A link to the primary defining schema


Set to simple
Contains the URI for the Schema being referenced with regards to the particular arcrole
This references the normative URI definition for the Schema
This should be a prose title for the XLINK

Multiple resources's are allowed because of family Schemas, for example, a link to further XHTML may have three types of DTD: Strict, Transitional, Frameset.


<link rel="meta" xncl:type="ncl" type="application/rdf" href="myschema.rdf">
<xncl:resource xlink:type="simple" 
     xlink:title="RDF Schema" />


In the prose description for the Schemas, you should use XPath to refer to the link elements, and hypertext to link to the Schemas.

Sean B. Palmer